August 10, 2010

Small Victories & Big Girls

Good day/Bad day?: GOOD

Yes, yes, yes a very happy birthday to the most delightful Olive. She had a pretty normal day today, but as we picked her up from daycare, she was waving goodbye to everyone like she was queen of the world--we are but mere subjects in her kingdom! She had a very silly evening and was giggling like crazy. I hope that one year remains the Year of Giggles (I think it comes before the Year of Terror)...

Monica was brave enough to let me out into the world, not only as a spectator but also as a driver! Yep, I drove for the first time post-op today. Not bad, but my arms are a little limited in big turns and the seatbelt is a little uncomfortable on my chest. But, good enough for running around town. We went for breakfast (the always delicious Ironworks), home for a "break" as Monica vacuumed, then out for some time running around town--first for our wonderful offspring, then for ourselves.

Those of you who know me well know that I'm an Orangyporangy fiend, so we went into her retail store today to peruse, and what should I find but the skirt I hesitated too long on last year. It's a delightful skirt with a lovely crane fabric on some of the panels, and I kicked myself (hard) for not buying it when I had the chance. Well, the universe saw fit to tell the person who bought it that she was not the right person for the job (she never wore it?? and brought it back to the store to return recently--after a year!!! Whatever.) Her loss is my gain, and I could not pass it up again, so there was my Happy Cancer Recovery and Happy Making It Through Olive's Birth Last Year present. Right? Totally.

Special thank you to those who've volunteered to cover Wed night--Ben's parents are coming to celebrate Olive's b-day with us since they won't be able to make it up this weekend, so we're set.

Special thank you also to Monica. We've had a great few days together. It's been so long since we've had more than a few hours or a phone call together, and it was really cool to see where we've both arrived in our lives. Very different place than when we started out as friends 16 yrs-ish ago! Now we compare mothering and marriage notes when we used to commiserate about boys and share the latest drama. We're both happy with how things turned out. Looking forward to bringing our kids together in the future for a little play time... Also thanks to Scott for letting her come out to play (I mean help)! But seriously, she wouldn't stop cooking and cleaning for 2 days straight, so I had to distract her from it today. I'll miss you, but not before a little bakery run tomorrow AM!

Next up at bat, Monika on Thurs. Now hopefully it won't be so much babying of me, just extra Olive arms...

Anyone who sees Ben in the near future, give him some credit and buy him a beer or something. He's been a trooper thus far (as if I'm surprised). I know he'll see me through anything regardless, but he's just rolling with all the people rotating through as helpers when it's totally out of his comfort zone. That's while he's having a busy week at work... Hang in there baby, and enjoy the ride!

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rosalera on etsy said...

It was amazing to catch up with you and Ben! Olive is a true beauty and so sweet! I will miss you...but we will not wait so long to catch up again. I think another trip is in order soon. I am looking at the keep mending my dear friend!