August 30, 2010

Coming around

Good day/Bad day?: Not outstanding, but better than yesterday

First of all, a very Happy 18th Birthday to my niece Ashlie! Thank you so much for being here to help, esp on a day like today when Olive had to stay home again--you're hanging in there well...

Good news/bad news for the little peanut--her weird rash/fever thing is not contagious and she can go back to day care tomorrow and get back to her routine, but she does have another ear infection!

I'm having a little better day. Rough in the AM and a little touch & go at times with the nausea, but otherwise was able to get out to my appt and Olive's. (I had my port checked 1 week out, looks good.) I think I'll adapt to this soon enough. So far it's a lot like my morning/all-day sickness with pregnancy, so I just have to get back in that mindset and develop my strategies to make it through the day. I have to find the foods that sit well no matter what (it was Belgian waffles with fruit and whipped cream for a while back then...). Going to try to go back to work tomorrow, not sure what my expectations are for that.

FIL Bruce had a good reminder--if I've been feeling the way I have, imagine how the cancer cells are feeling! I'll try to envision them with little bulls-eyes on them.

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