August 8, 2010


Good day/Bad day?: Less good

Missed posting yesterday, but needed a little recouperating. My neck and upper back were killing me! I was pushing it a little lately, and then fell asleep with one of those heavier heating pads behind my neck and woke up regretting it. But we persevere!

Mary and I ran around a little during the day yesterday, had to take Olive to the clinic--yep, the start of another ear infection! She had one bad night with it, but now we'll be on the road to recovery, and she doesn't slow down. She's a crafty kid and learning new tricks every day. This morning's new one is hiding around the corner and doing her own peek-a-boo--she's so proud of herself!

Today is rainy and gloomy and then will be a sauna, so I think it's lying low around the house day. Also, changing of the guard--Mary's going and Monica's coming from Chicagoland this afternoon. I'm excited, b/c we haven't had much time together in years! Mary's been great--she runs her household like a well-oiled machine and came prepared for every meal, great with Olive, and just a good sister.

I'm going to be a little bold and put it out there... We've got one night this coming week without coverage--one person leaves Wed day and the other arrives Thurs day, so we'd be open for help Wed to stay overnight. Those of you who know how to call or e-mail, let me know if you're interested. Olive will be in daycare, but evening, bedtime, and getting out the door in the morning help are all nice for Ben. It's tough, b/c I don't know how the following week will be and how much help I'll need, too. I'll probably be working part-time, and I've been healing quickly, but we'll have to see what the next week brings.

Have a lovely day!


Sue said...

oops - not sure if you got the last one - I am available but since Olive is not familiar with me so not sure how helpful this is - sue

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Lord. They taught us in social work school never to fall asleep using a heating pad. I don't know about you nurse people...