August 22, 2010

Baby Steps

Good day/Bad day?: Good

A little bit of errand running, and otherwise I got to visit a friend from work and her new baby--8 days old! Beautiful! I got to keep her all to myself for a nice long nap (hers, not mine), and it was nice because she's small enough that I could hold her. That, and seeing her nurse, brought out some sadness that I won't have that again, and I've just been remembering how great it was to have that with Olive. I didn't even mind the pumping. In that way, it also brought out a lot of feeling that I was lucky it went so well for her and me for as long as it did. Man, it just tugged at me today and made me start wondering if we'll have another kid. There's too much to sort out first before we go down that road.

Speaking of the kid, man is she pushing herself! She's only been pulling up in earnest for a little while, but she's determined to do it all day long now. She started creeping along the coffee table and has stood now without holding on (though occasionally her tummy holds her up...). I predict standing freely by next week, walking by the week after. She doesn't mess around.

Tomorrow's port placement--whoo-hoo? Oh well, it'll be better than getting poked every treatment. Wish I could take the rest of the week off...

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Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

I just googled "chemo port". COOL..!!