August 6, 2010

Mixed bag

Good day/Bad day?: Okay

Had a lovely breakfast and chat with my sistas to start the day, then had many phone calls and e-correspondence, including with a couple great friends I don't get to talk to much. Even have a couple of visits lined up to see them, which is outstanding. Also had a visit from my lovely friend and coworker Joanna, she of the warm fuzzy refillable cookies, which was very nice (except Punkin' wasn't very nice--not cool for the pregnant lady!) Then started feeling a little ishy before dinner and was a little low-key the rest of the day. I'm wondering if this is how my body processes anesthesia (with waves of nausea out of nowhere) since I've never had it before. Good practice for chemo??

Then Olive was a fussy fuss tonight, very difficult to get to bed. I think she's still got the ear/throat thing even after finishing the antibiotic. Not fun, so we may have a trip to the clinic tomorrow if she's no better. Mary's a super-trooper at sticking with a screamy baby, though. Useful skill!

Ben's furiously trying to get his cycle working again before a rally in Milw tomorrow--the saga continues...Goodnight!

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