August 19, 2010

Brain power

Good day/Bad day?: Good but long, and now I'm pooped!

Just a couple of quick updates:

Today I felt like I actually used part of my brain for critical thinking--felt like it had been a while! A little forward momentum at work never hurts. But I definitely notice my energy lagging by the end of the day, so I'm hoping tomorrow's a short one.

This AM I went to the cancer clinic and enrolled in a clinical trial for the chemo that is using the same standard drugs but on 4 different schedules/durations. I also signed up for substudies looking at genetic factors and supplement effects on treatment. Unfortunately, I won't get my official chemo schedule until Monday, but I should still have my first treatment Friday next week.

Thank you, dear, for working on the pictures!

1 comment:

Ben said...

When she writes "dear" she means me. I know, it's a stretch.