August 23, 2010

Ouch (again)!

Good day/Bad day?: Not the most fun

I went in at 7 today to get my port placed. It's in my L arm, inner part of the upper arm, and it hurts like an SOB right now. The procedure itself went fine, though, and I didn't feel as gorked out as I expected. We were done by about noon and then came home to nap.

Chemo schedule: I get an infusion of one drug once a week for 15 weeks, take a pill of another chemo drug once daily for those 15 weeks, and then the third drug is every other week IV for another 12 weeks. It's a long road, and there's a handful of other meds to take or inject that go with it. They'll give me an actual calendar with it all mapped out when I go in Friday AM for the first treatment. It is more treatments for longer than the standard course, but the doses of each infusion will be smaller. The whole point of the study is to determine if the different timing is more effective.

Special thanks to Julie, who's been covering our needs like a trooper for the last week or so, and now to Ben's cousin Myra coming to help in the evenings 'til bedtime. She's in early childhood education, so I expect Olive to be speaking full sentences by the end of the week. Thank you, thank you--we're super lucky to have this support!


Sue said...

hi you all - let me know if there is anything I can help with or just be there for such as appts. or company. I have an understanding work group and when needed I can modify hours. but also catching up on the previous blogs. My friend sue who had this done as a preventive recently hired a personal trainer to help her get her arm strength back and just to feel good and strong. sounded like this person had experience working with women with breast cancer and mastectomy. tho I know with chemo coming up that might not be appealing or possible.

Olive's b-day pictures are great - I especially liked #4 (I think it was) with the blue frosting and lips out).

anyway - just keep it up Jenny - and get as mad as you want from time to time - I know I did last night and it was nothing comparable - doesn't happen often but some times it is necessary!

KateB said...

I could also help out with appointments and/or company or helping out with Miss Olive. My work situation allows flexibility...and in a few days all our kids will be off at college so that won't be an issue either!

Jen said...


Of course I don't know how I'll be feeling for a while, but I'd be interested in the trainer info just in case I'm feeling motivated...