August 13, 2010

Reality check

Good day/Bad day?: Eh (shrug)

I think the weather didn't help. Very hard to get motivated this AM, and then I was mad at myself for not getting more done. But I did see the new Will Farrell movie with Julie today and had some good laughs.

Today's just the doldrums--my chest aches more, Olive was extra cranky as the night went on, and I'm realizing how quickly my time off has gone but also how far removed from the usual daily routine I feel. Paradox.

I took off all the steri-strips holding my incisions together, so it looks a little more real and like it will in the future (minus the damn drain!).

Thanks to Aunt Sue for helping out this evening--it always makes us feel a little more comfortable having extra helpers. Bet your house was much more quiet in comparison!

Gearing up for Olive's shebang tomorrow! It ought to be fun as long as it doesn't pour rain...

1 comment:

Sue said...

yeah but more fun - you three are are wonderful so I thank you! and I just hope those chest muscles aren't hurting more tomorrow Jenny. it'll be a happy celebration tomrrow

Olive's B-day present from me will be bit delayed- not quite finished