August 4, 2010

Every other day

Good day/Bad day?: Partly sunny

I think I'm finding that I alternate days now--yesterday was pretty seemless, today I was fighting the woozies again for a while. But that's okay and was a good excuse for 2 naps! I'm trying to cut back a little on the pain pills but have essentially bruising on my chest wall that just aches persistently after a while, so it's a delicate balance. At least I haven't had the healing kind of itching yet, and I'm hoping the lack of nerves along my incisions means I won't really have it, because that could be a beast.

I did get out and go with Mary for the daycare drop-off and pick-ups today, so that's progress! I'm thinking in a day or 2 I'll feel bold enough to take her out for some breakfast and maybe an errand or 2. Tomorrow we'll probably go in and have 2 of my drains taken out, so I'll likely be down to one until next week. Whoa, that was a lot of 2s in one paragraph!

I don't have any new insights today and am just taking it as it comes. The more you talk to people, the more you realize everybody's got something going on--the cancer card sounds important and intimidating and I'll reserve the right to use it, but it doesn't win some of the shittiest-day battles, does it?

1 comment:

Elevation said...

you are amazing.. both of you.. the whole lot of you..

so glad you're getting out of the house, if even a little.. makes the days and the outlook brighter, for sure..

you should post to your comfort level on your blog, not to ours..

we should be seeing you within the next week.. we'll call to find a good time for a visit.. until then..

continued healing and peace.. xoxo holli