July 12, 2010

Silver lining?

This is what I hate about this so far:
  • had to quit breastfeeding in a day. not fair and painful, and Olive and I had been sailing along for almost 11 mos.
  • lifting restrictions for 24hrs after biopsies--no baby holding!
  • it makes me feel guilty for having a daughter
  • I get too matter-of-fact sometimes and can't even register how upset I am
  • I have to make decisions that are irreversible--Do I like having boobs? How do I know until I no longer have boobs? Am I ready to be in menopause? Are we done having children?
  • I don't ever get time to read much in any waiting room magazines
I'm trying to think of a few positives:
  • supportive people coming out of the woodwork with helpful offers (like babysitting and a steady stream of sugar!)
  • checking in with people I love & miss & don't get to talk to enough
  • I'm hoping that the hair loss from chemo will cut way down on my shaving and plucking time--you laugh, but if you know my lifelong struggles with abundant dark hair...
Okay, this was good practice for becoming chatty. Time for bed.

Oh yeah, I've given Ben permission to post motorcycle pictures on here when he needs to lighten it up and make it "bloggier".

Here, are you happy now, honey? Mwah!


Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

Chatty is good..!

Kick CA in the receptor!

May I post a picture of my motorcycle too?

Ben said...

Good god, that picture is old. The garage isn't even heated yet.

Ben said...

And just for the record, I made no overtures about turning this into a motorcycle blog....

Jen said...

Just going with the pics available to me...(nudge, nudge)