July 14, 2010

Pink Ribbons

I just wanted to say something and I hope it doesn't sound snotty at all. I know there are a bajillion pink ribbon things out there to support breast CA awareness/research and I don't need to tell you what causes are near and dear to you... BUT, I have had enough contact with CA patients that don't do well and oncologists that treat them to know that there are much deadlier cancers out there (pancreatic, head/neck, ovarian, etc., etc.) that don't get as much attention. Please consider, if you're interested in fighting CA, to donate to an organization that supports research for all cancers, like the American Cancer Society. Thanks.

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julie said...

Well said, sis. For me, I just want to support those in my immediate circle for now - it's a much more tangible action than donating money.

For those who are really interested in what's happening in fantastic breast cancer advocacy, there is a non-corporate, fact-sifting group called Breast Cancer Action who is the most proactive policy changing watchdog group on the issue. Case in point: they recently called out Yoplait on their use of rBGH milk while flashing the pink ribbon, and KFC on a pink bucket of fried chicken! They consistently question corporations on how much they spend in marketing their pink products versus how much is really donated to the cause, and work for access to care for patients of all income levels. A very great group of folks based in SF. www.bcaction.org ---Julie