July 19, 2010


Ah, sweet coping mechanisms!

Good day/bad day?: Good

Long AM at the hospital for pre-op teaching and tests and for a heart function scan to make sure I can tolerate chemo (all looked well). I was issued a camisole for the surgery to hold my drains in, and I did a little consult with one of the prosthesis fitters. She's an RN that changed to this job, and she shared with me that she has a 35yo friend that has just gone through it too, also with young children, also genetic, and also chose bilat mastectomy. She had originally started the initial reconstruction with implants process but had complications and decided she was happy with no reconstruction. Nice to hear that. AND, I saw a swimsuit I really like (made to hold the fake boobs)! There is hope! Oh, and I get a set of new boobs every 2 years.

I also booked an appt for placement of a port for receiving chemo and meds and having blood drawn. I figured I might as well save my vein, since I'll need them for a long time. It'll be Aug 12th, same day I sit down with the medical oncologist again to figure out the chemo regimen.

This will be a really weird week or so at work because I'll be pretty distracted, and it's hard to dive into anything when you know you'll be out of the loop for a little while. That, and there's a constant stream of sugar coming my way--thanks everybody!

Looking forward to a few things this week--seeing Mary (sister), Jeff (brother), baby shower for Joanna, and (drumroll) birthday surprise! Don't know if it's an event, an object, a concept... total surprise, 'cause that's how Ben likes to operate. He thinks it just kills me to not know, but I've let that go a long time ago. But it's lovely that he puts so much effort into it. Next week we'll try to work in a Restaurant Week meal if we have a sitter, and I have a full-day management retreat at work the day before surgery.

I don't find out the surgery time until the day before for anyone about to ask.

Here's hoping Olive sleeps well tonight...


Ben said...

Sorry to report that Olive did not sleep well....

Don't forget it's hot dog week at the Old Fashioned!!!

I like the new boobs every 2 years...a little variety is good in life.

Sue said...

and the 23rd is ice cream cone day. I like the new boobs every year too - especially as you get older :D