July 29, 2010

0 - the day of

It's 5:45pm and Jenny is resting comfortably. The surgery was longer than expected - according to the surgeon this was due to the youth and vigor of Jenny's tissues - but it went well with no unforeseen complications. Seriously folks, this woman is a trooper. She is looking just great given what this day brought her. As beautiful as ever.

We are slated to return home tomorrow if things are looking good. More updates as they come...

Thanks Bruce, Kathy, Julie and Frank for keeping me company in the waiting room, and happy birthday Frank! Leos rule.


Jim said...



s.erdman said...

We are glad to hear things went well for you today. You really make me think of the old song...Helen Reddy I think...I am woman, hear me roar. Look forward to hearing of your speedy recovery.

Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

Someone arranged Jenny's hair, she looked like a goddess when she arrived at her room. There won't be any pasty post-surgery pics like I had to endure!

Olive gave me a hug when Kathy and I picked her up from her office yesterday.

Can't wait to hear about day 001.