July 21, 2010


Good day/bad day?: Mostly good

Just a quicky tonight--again, way past my bedtime once Olive's in bed and I get my chores done!

Nothing major today, but got to see both sistas and have a little time to catch up with Mary--very nice. Took some time to walk through the genetic info with her so she's able to have a good picture of what I know. And Julie was kind enough to come Olive-sit tonight so Ben & I could get dinner and run errands. Picked out a recliner--my lovely family (Jeff's idea) want to get me one to sleep in post-op to be comfortable!

Tomorrow should be nice--a going away (for a coworker)/birthday Indian buffet lunch, then baby shower for another coworker after work. I remember those days...

And that was still with 2 months to go!

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Quentin said...

Hey Jenny and Ben, been reading the journal. You guys are amazing. Thinking of and praying for you. Please let us know how we can help. Baby or dog sitting? Food? Hanging out? Errands?

Anyway, thanks for the blog. It's a great way to keep up with what's going on with you.


- Q