July 23, 2010

6- Happy Birthday to Me, Pt. 1

Good day/bad day?: Good, thanks to all you lovelies!

Thank you to everyone who made my day special. Today was meant to be an ordinary day with more b-day celebration tomorrow, but there was certainly a lot of recognition from coworkers, family, and friends. And now I still have to wonder what my surprise from Ben is all about--have to wait 'til tomorrow! ( I haven't even tried to snoop and figure it out.)

I worked a partial day, then treated myself to coming home early to take a nap--the greatest gift of all! Then Olive time and dinner with Ben, and Olive & I went over to a friend's from work to talk about baby stuff--she's due soon and not sure what to do with all the mountains of stuff you get, so I got to sound like an old and wizened pro... It was nice. A couple of phone calls with lovely people, and looking forward to catching up with some more tomorrow, including Gram, who I'm hoping to visit Sunday.

So, a good weekend ahead of me, then back to reality unless I take Monday off... Feeling much better after last night, too. I needed a good release.

I guess I should be working on a little self-inventory to figure out what 35 will mean to me. Any ideas?

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Sue said...

sorry, I don't remember! just kidding. when I turned 35 having always found these 5 year thresholds traumatic) was about the time I took a new job and moved to California. found out taking risks can be a good thing.