July 18, 2010

Back in the saddle...

Good day/bad day?: Good, or at least much better.

Ben got back from camping smelly and in a fight with his motorcycle, so that's the drama of the day. But then we went out for brunch and later I went dinner and a movie with a lovely group of women. Oh yeah, and Olive is no longer hot. But she really fought going to bed tonight. The end.

Except Ben & I started talking more about what we're facing now that we've got real live things happening soon. We're starting to talk about what tangible help we're open to accepting, so we may be in touch with you soon... That, and we've got a daughter turning one soon, so we've got to try and figure out what we do to celebrate while I'll still very much be healing. We're heading into Leo Birthday Season here, so we've got a big run of them to consider including Olive, me, Ben and a handful of other family and friends.

We also talked about things we both should and shouldn't be talking about, i.e. Ben walking ahead in his mind to what might happen if he loses me. There's not much else I can say about that. It's both touching and scary at the same time to have your partner talk about how he would have to go on without you. Doesn't mean we're not optimistic, but we can't be ignorant, either.

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