July 15, 2010

My Better Half

Good day/bad day?: Good day.

Since I spend way too much time talking about Olive like the proud mama I am, I thought I ought to give some due time to the one who puts the "mania" in Erdmania. (Here he is both with quercus and at full whisker).

He thinks I take him for granted all the time, but I know how lucky I am that we are still gaga for each other. How many other men do you know that, when discussing surgical options, would rather have me flat as a board than take the opportunity for an "upgrade" to, say, a C cup? I guess we both know that the world has not just handed us anything and we've worked hard to be happy where we are, so this CA is just another typical Erdman adventure...kind of like how our road trips turn out! I truly have no doubts about where we stand with each other and the respect we have, and that is a huge gift at a time where I'm questioning so much. I would play our song for you now and it would make me cry, but I don't know how to throw that in the blog yet.

Today was teaching a class at work that I think went well, getting a piece of good cake, then coming home and going out to the Dane for dinner. Olive was showing off her knowledge of gravity and the sweet waiter kept trying to keep up with everything she decided to throw on the ground.

Tomorrow will be sitting down with the surgeon again, this time with a lot more details about my CA than we had the first time we met. Ought to be interesting, and I may even make some decisions about a date. There's still my internal debate going on about surgery first vs chemo first, but I think I'm leaning toward the surgery first so I can still be part of a clinical trial for the chemo--might as well let others get useful info out of this!

Then the weekend....as Ben goes off to go camping and it's just me & Olive. Maybe I'll get some thinking time in, but I won't count on it.



Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

Put me down for another "man" that would opt for flat........

Full whisker is good..!!

Ben said...

Thank you dear for not mentioning some of my less desirable traits, like OCD and certain emissions. I posted "our song" so you can cry. You're welcome.