July 22, 2010


Good day/bad day?: Good but then sad

I had a good day at work, including a lovely team lunch (mmmmm, Indian), aside from ending the day with a couple of tornado warnings. But I am realizing that I'm not going to be getting a few goals accomplished before I'm off. Speaking of, I talked with HR and am well-covered for any leave I need to take, so that's nice.

Had the baby shower after work and had fun, though I know Joanna has to be sick of my advice by now! When I'm opinionated, I'm very opinionated...

Then some of it hit me tonight as Ben & I are struggling with all we have had to decide and all we have to arrange for the near future--a little overwhelming. It's really hard to get excited about turning 35 when it's a time that a lot is being lost, esp a lot of future choices. I think it's one of the few times I've really sobbed since my diagnosis. Right now as I'm writing I'm fighting the instinct to try to put a positive spin on things and find the bright side--it's really hard to just give myself permission to feel this way and not try to talk myself out of it. Maybe I don't know it and I'll magically figure it out tomorrow with my new age! Sigh. Goodnight.


Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

Choices lost make room for other choices. Hang in there Daughter-in Law. I love you.


Jim said...

Well said sir.