July 26, 2010

3 days left--taking stock

Good day/bad day?: Both

This is an old picture of me being pensive.

I had a nice, leisurely day to catch up on running around for errands. Had a lovely breakfast--thanks, Mia! Then was looking at a couple clothing places for things that button up the front for post-op wear and things started to feel sad and very real. Went and bought the recliner, too. I also had a chunk of time to do more reading about surgery and review my choices thus far. Thursday's coming up fast, and I just don't know how to get ready for it. Really, what do you do?

On another note, just a little thing about me and my boobs. I think they're doing their best to help me out. It was hard to face weaning Olive, but since I was so sore with it, I couldn't hold her as much for a few days and I think that made it easier in some ways to make the transition. Now that she's been weaned for a few weeks, I'm flat as a pancake and I'm trying to think that it's their way or getting me used to the idea of being completely flat. Thanks, ladies! That said, I don't know if it's because they've gotten so small or what, but the tumor feels like it's gotten bigger and is a little sore (never had been before). As nervous as I'm getting about the surgery, I guess it's more incentive to get it removed.

Thank you for everyone making all the lovely gestures you've made thus far--it would take too long to go through right now, but I intend to catch up with that in due time...

Yesterday Julie & I went down to Kenosha to see Gram. I needed to lay eyes on her before I start down this path and won't know if I'll be up for the drive after surgery and chemo. Wish I could be there all the time.

Oh, and happy birthday a day ago, Jeff! You're a fantastic brother--almost have made up for all those years of torture...And thank you for the Lombardino's dinner, too, Julie!


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Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

The waiting is the hard part. Luckily you have a family to distract you somewhat. But those "pondering" moments creep in from time to time.

How to prepare? Try dark chocolate therapy!