July 28, 2010


Good day/bad day?: Well, I've had better

The day itself wasn't that bad, had an interesting day in a management retreat, but then I got home and was feeling overwhelmed and cranky. I'm ready to have this surgery over with, to get on with it and through it and come out the other side in whatever shape I'm going to be. But of course I'm scared.

One of my other concerns is when I'll be able to use my arms well again. They've said that people can be recovered in 1-2 weeks and able to do some lifting, but nobody can tell me how long it will take to be able to lift 24 lbs of wiggles. That's the hard part--this would be easier if I had an end date to when I could be lifting Olive again.

So the details: I show up tomorrow at 7:15 to go for radioactive particle injections, and then my surgery will be from about 9AM-1PM. Ben will do his best to give an update some time tomorrow, but be sure to cut him some slack, too. Hopefully just a one-night stay if no complications, and then back home to take a couple of weeks off from work. We'll just see how it goes...

I will take any positive and loving thoughts you want to send my way.

Goodbye, ladies. We've had 35 good years together, and you got to fulfill your destiny for almost a year.

Thank you all!


ee said...

I wish you peaceful sleep tonight, my friend. You are strong woman and will be able to get through this. There will be many, many people sending positive thoughts, prayers, and energy your way tomorrow. Peace and comfort to you.

Sarah said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. And very true. You and the ladies have done some good work. Props!

Peter said...

Ben may have too quickly rejected an upgrade, and the thought of restless recliner-bound hands prompts direction to http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/PATTbits.html. Do not visit until cleared for smiles. {chestfist-chestfist, yo-yo-yo}

Jim said...

Well it's 2:30ish and your probably still in ansthesia twilight! I have been thinking of the both of you all morning long and sending out positive vibes. Hoping for all the best!

Ruth said...

You are in our prayers continually as you go forward, Jen. Know we are holding your hands in love and lifting our hearts in prayer for you and your beautiful family.
Ruth Montana