April 10, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: little bit of both

Overall a good weekend. I wish they didn't wear me out, though. Not sure if this is the true start of the radiation-related fatigue or I'm just tired because Ben & I went out for a while last night (but home by midnight). It feels different, like a heavy kind of fatigue, and that worries me because I just finished week 1. (And I have the faintest start of a tan on half my chest...)

This week is gonna be busy. Tomorrow itself is a doozy--I've got like a long appt in the morning with the gynecological oncologist, i.e. the one who would be dealing with my ovaries if/when that happens. So likely a long conversation about all the permutations of the many choices I could make in the next years. I'm already drained just thinking about it. Then a couple of hours later it's radiation time. Tuesday is OT and radiation, the rest of the week busy in general, then Ben leaves at the end of it. And all the while, the dishes and laundry and bathroom and floors aren't cleaning themselves, are they? Guh. Behind. So behind.

Olive is having a lot of fun quacking these days, especially loud quacking! That, and she shrugs sometimes, which is just the best...

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