April 14, 2011

Good night

Good day/Bad day?: pretty good

Various appts and a little bit of work, then Zumba. Easier day than yesterday, when I hit the wall hard in the evening and was super fatigued. At least it's still fluctuating and not an everyday thing (yet?). And at least I have tomorrow off!

I have a problem where I keep forgetting to wear my compression sleeve. Wishful thinking. The whole lymphedema thing is just a bad reminder that even when I'm done with radiation, this is still a life-long chronic condition. I can expect to feel better, sure, but I can't expect to ever be "done" with it--it's impacted too much of my body and my life.

The Komen Race for the Cure is coming up soon in Madison. I've had people ask if I'm doing it. Not this year--I think I'll just be recovering from radiation and might want to take a step back from it for a while. I know I had my little pink ribbon rant and talked about doing things for all cancer, not just breast cancer before. Well, I can't begrudge Komen how they've built awareness, and they certainly do good things. I had some of my acupuncture treatments paid for by vouchers from them, and they work hard to get mammograms/screening for low-income women. So if you're walking/running, I support you. Think of me and feel good about it. Thank you.

Hair is coming back in earnest--I had someone liken me to GI Jane today. Though of course to balance that out I had a cashier call me "sir". Great.

Weekend's coming, and I get some sisterly time with Mary & niece Addy for a few days (to help while Ben's gone) and Julie after that. Lovely! And it's always nice having extra hands when Ben's gone (it especially makes it easier to get out the door in the AM)...

Okay, bedtime. As Olive would say, "Ny ny".


Ben said...

How can anyone liken you to a "sir" with those big beautiful brown eyes? Please point these misarbiters out so I can punch them squarely in the teeth.

KateB said...

SIR!!??? That person must have been in a work coma...Never, ever...as Ben said with those eyes and lovely face, how could they!?