April 27, 2011

Take care

Good day/Bad day?: okay

A busy week, and feeling low-grade/dull. So I'm going to take to heart the comments from the last post and try to do some more taking care of myself in the coming weeks. I have to admit, the messages that I hear over and over are that you feel better if you stay active, exercise, etc. But that's easy to say when there's time to do it. Makes no sense if I have to get less sleep in order to get the rest of my stuff done. Yes, I still have a hard time letting things go and accepting help. I especially have a hard time expecting Ben to pick up the slack during the week, but I am trying to and asking more of him.

So on that note, I need to go to bed and get my last busy day of the week over & done with tomorrow. Then I can catch up and think.

(Kathy--no Olive haircut, just a ponytail that stayed in for about 5 minutes...)

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