April 5, 2011

Boring business items

As you saw from Jen's last post, radiation is going to be no picnic. So we are once again putting out the call for help over the next 6 weeks. It has really been great to have an extra person around during the times when Jen is feeling tired, painful, icky, crappy, etc etc.

Duties would mostly be Olive-oriented, to free my hands up so I can do all the other stuff that needs doing. Alternately, if Olive NEEDS to have her daddy, you may be tasked with house work or yard work. It's really up to you (well, Olive and you) what you want to do, and we are grateful for anything.

The dates we're looking for help are:

April 9-10
April 16-24 (Apr. 17-21 and 24 taken)
April 30-May 1
May 7-8 (May 7 taken)
May 14-15 (May 14 taken)
May 21-22 (May 21 taken)

If you want some Olive time, let one of us know! I'll update this post as spots are taken.

UPDATE: Check to the right for the latest schedule and openings!

One more item of business: if you have given us food and are missing your dishes, please let us know. We have tried to be good about getting dishes back to their owners, but have a few stragglers, and WAY more disposable tupperware than we probably need.

In closing, here's a picture of Olive that Jen says is too saucy but makes me crack up every time.