April 11, 2011

Lighten up a little

Good day/Bad day?: alright

The day wasn't as heavy as I thought it'd be. Don't get me wrong, I'm still worn out. But the gyn onc appt wasn't too bad or long. Overall, it was Ben & me being told that any decisions about ovaries, another kid, etc. are ours to make, and that we don't have to make them on any timeline (other than the recommendation that the ovaries come out by 40). There's still a lot they don't know about BRCA mutations--she said nobody's really asked her if getting the breast cancer makes the ovarian more or less likely, and it'll be a while before more recent studies could answer that question. So in the meantime, I start my every-6-mo ovarian cancer screening--blood drawn today, ultrasound tomorrow.

Hey, guess what! I'm no longer menopausal! I thought the hot flashes had tapered off over the last couple of weeks...

Skipping Zumba tonight, but I'm going on Thurs. I was even ambitious enough to buy a 10-class pass. Ben's getting ready all week for leaving Sat and is dashing around the house crossing things off his list.

Olive & I were talking about ducks on the drive home today and quacking again. Then I asked what her favorite animal was and she said "Baa!" Good to know.

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Kathy said...

Well...she did see those sheep giving birth!! I have a surprise for her that will reinforce the quacking I suspect.

Yay about no longer menopausal--that and just beginning to recover from the chemo should lift your spirits a lot and make the zumba pop.

Yay about not having to rush to big decisions yet again.

Cheers...you are so going to be FINE.