April 7, 2011

Day off

Good day/Bad day?: Pretty good

I'm pretty sore, more in my neck than anywhere else, but all in all I had a good day off! Took myself out for breakfast, went grocery shopping, came home and started digging through the black hole that is my office, radiation, then Olive & Ben time. Olive was in a lovely, silly mood most of the night, and we played with a natural version of play dough for a while. (She was a little afraid at first, but then enjoyed the squishing, and these ones smell like fruits...) Really a low-key kind of day. Music shuffle on the Zune was treating me well, Frank made me a delicious juice, etc, etc. Nothing wrong with that. I'm trying to enjoy these days off before the fatigue kicks in.

For a little while, I was not as worried about the radiation side effects again, and then Ben reminded me that I had gotten most of the chemo side effects. Oh. Oh yeah.

Favorite Olivism? She's got a very strong "nummy" now (and uses it appropriately!). She was also pretty keen on learning "peach" tonight.

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Mia said...

I miss you! I at least feel in the "loop" with your family, life and treatment updates. Soon I will come up for air and be on your helpers list. Need serious grandma practice, we are getting close!