April 19, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: eh, busy

Just can't tell if I'm tired because I'm a busy working mom of a toddler, or if this is the super-deluxe radiation kind of tired. I guess it doesn't matter. My chest is starting to feel a little more raw today, too.

Today was the changing of the guard for helpers--thanks to Mary & Addi, and welcome as always to Julie! The three of us ladies (with Olive) had a silly little dinner together, then watched some Pee-Wee and called it a night. It was good.

Ben had made his way to MO, and it looks like a change of itinerary is in store from there. I won't elaborate on the details, he's okay, but he had a frustrating day. Send some positive energy out to him on the rest of his journey...

I'm going to apologize because I'm going to have a busy next week or 2 and won't be very focused or profound in my posts. Mostly business. I'm very aware right now of all that I wish I could just be doing normally instead of making all these concessions, having all these damn appointments, etc. I feel like I'm getting nowhere fast in the rest of my life. Wait, actually getting nowhere fast might imply that I'm staying the same instead of getting more and more behind...

I just need a magical trip to a tropical island to appear on my doorstep (though going on vacation wouldn't make me less behind, would it?). See, if I say/write it, it will manifest. At least that's the gist of what I've heard from all that "The Secret" stuff. That's really the extent of what I know of it. Works for Oprah, right?

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