April 12, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: Good

Not particularly productive, but good. Just at work for a few hours, then off to appts. First was OT to check up on my R arm swelling and range-of-motion issues. The swelling has gone down, though still has a little ways to shrink to move from "moderate" to "mild". Despite the bad day last week with arm pain, my arm movement has improved a lot. But I still have to do exercises a couple times/day, lymphatic massage daily, wear my compression (super sexy) sleeve and glove except while sleeping. I'll go back weekly for a few more times and can hopefully drop some of this soon.

Then ultrasound for the ovarian cancer screening. Nothing big about having that done, certainly not my first, but this was the first time that I was actually nervous about what they might see. I also didn't get the results right away and will have to wait to hear from the MD. Then radiation.

So I get weighed every week with radiation. It pains me to say that it even feels like an issue to me, but I feel bad that I've gained weight. Not majorly bad, but since probably November when it was at its lowest I've gained about 15 lbs. You see, I've been taking this whole cancer thing as a free pass to indulge myself. At first it was because I wanted to regain some of the weight, and then it just became about instant gratification. Bakery! Sugar! Bacon! I know I need to start reining it in, but I'm going to need some help--not like naggy help, but encouraging/joining me in better choices. Those delicious empty calories are empty even when you have cancer...

After hearing it once, Miss Olive gave a great rendition of "pizza". "Table", too, as she insists at sitting at it with us now.

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