April 20, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: fine but tiring

...that I'm laying on a tropical beach on a sunny day with my arms stretched up. The sand is white and pristine, the water turquoise blue, a gentle breeze is blowing, palm trees swaying, there's a fruity drink by my side. Maybe I'm in a hammock, maybe not, but there's at least one around.

This is one thing I try to visualize during radiation. I figure if it's radiation, it's much happier to imagine it's radiation from the sun that feels good. Sometimes I imagine that I also have grapes on my chest (the cancer cells) that shrivel under the sun to raisins. Then sometimes I just think of the word apoptosis...I find it pleasant. For some reason it's a lot easier for me to visualize with radiation than it was with chemo--then all I could picture was rivers of red poison (the one drug was dyed red). Not very healing!

Cut Olive's mop down tonight, at least her bangs. I need a professional for the rest! She was repeating almost everything I said in the car today, some of it very well. She wants to say mango at dinner, too, which comes out "nee-moo".

Night night.


Jim said...

What, no cabana boy? Kate's been cutting my hair for years, you could ask, I bet she would!

Jen said...

Well, I never quite get to that--treatments are only a few minutes long once I'm positioned right. I'll try to start with the cabana boy next time!