April 25, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: okay

It's hard getting through the days and having any useful thoughts. I'm amazed I was able to complete a handful of powerpoint slides today. But that's about it. It's becoming more profound fatigue, and fast. I get a little worried that there could be some depression sneaking into the mix, but then I don't fit the screening tools. I went to Zumba tonight to try and give me a little energy lift. It worked for the last couple of hours! But I can really only sneak it in once a week, and other exercise is hard to get in, too. Lots of logistics to deal with.

Here's me with hair returning! Note the eyebrows--now Ben can tell that I'm mad again...

Right now it's soft and fuzzy like a baby chick.

And here's Miss Olive being super cool:

We had a fun dance party on the way home from daycare today, with a mix of Bjork, the Beastie Boys, and Cab Calloway. She has a doll that she makes dance. She is also a big fan of putting dolls/stuffed animals to sleep (tucking them under a blanket) and then yelling her version of "Wake up!"


Kathy said...

Did Olive get her hair cut???

Jenny, you are doing just fine--try not to be hard on yourself. The most intensive stuff is almost over. You'll make it through.
xo Kathy

julie said...

You may not like my two cents on this, but...

Just a reminder that energy will be replenished through deep REST.

It is so awesome that you are enjoying Zumba and all that comes with it, things we all need lots of: friends, community, dancing, music, getting to laugh at oneself, endorphins!!

But I would love to support you to also rest and be still more during this taxing on the body and mind time, not doing more. So if I can encourage rest.... let me know if I can be of service.


With Love, Love, Love!

Kathy said...

Here, here...good advice from big sis. "Don't just do something--sit there." (Zen saying)