September 16, 2010

Weird day

Good day/Bad day?: See above--good then bad

It seemed to be a normal day, like Thursdays have been so far (Fri-Mon iffy, Tu-Th pretty good). Worked a full day, including teaching, and then the minute I got home I felt like crap! Washed out, not nauseous but woozy, not good. Took a nap and it didn't really help, but maybe now it's going away. Cross your fingers, because I'm supposed to sneak a class in before chemo tomorrow.

Starting to see some more of the physical chemo effects, namely some hair starting to fall out (nothing dramatic yet) and my fingernails starting to turn dark . Oh yeah, I wore my boobs to work today! A few people noticed, most didn't or at least didn't say anything. The first day I had them on they had started to get heavy and hard on my chest to support. I wasn't sure I could physically keep them on all day, but it was fine. But I don't need them and won't be wearing them always, that's for sure.

Hey, everyone who wants to feel like a good parent even on the rough days, wondering if you're having the video on your news of the toddler wandering onto the highway... I think I can avoid that for much of Olive's life! And I also think I can avoid giving her a joint to smoke, too (another news story of a parent giving her toddler weed). Ah, humanity! Sometimes I can still be surprised by how stupid people can be. I should stop watching the news--I really only needed the weather.

Wish me luck for treatment #4!


ee said...

Dang...I missed seeing your boobs! Ah well...maybe next time! Good luck on #4.

Miaset said...

I have a new idea! I have come to think of chemo day for you as ART CART DAY. I would like to do some covert guerrilla art cart activities. Slip some interesting things onto the art, surprising, thought provoking tidbits for people to take with them. Are you in or do I have to pose as a cancer patient to make this happen? I will act alone if I must!
Is anyone besides me concerned about Erica's interest in your boobs?

Miaset said...

One question...How much space do we have to work with on said art cart?