September 26, 2010


Good day/Bad day?: Not the best

Yucky early AM, then some good and less good times throughout the day. Hanging in there, though. My mind is elsewhere as family issues are on my mind--something I'm not going to blog about, but no fights with anybody or anything like that...I'll keep you posted when I'm able.

So the hair did move into "gobs" territory and is starting to look thin-ish to me, so I think I'm biting the bullet tonight and having Ben shave it off. Prepare yourselves for the next time you see me...


Sue said...

¡¢Whose that lady ... beautiful lady ... hmm hmm hmm ¡∞9or musical symbol if this doesn't show up - new to mac what can i say)
stay brave jenny!

ee said...

I am confident you will be as beautiful as ever...:)