September 21, 2010


Good day/Bad day?: Eh

Sorry I've been in the every-other-day habit, but the nights have seemed busier than usual. Having some good moments, but my good days aren't feeling as consistently good anymore and my appetite is going south in general. Not the same as some of the other nausea, but just a feeling like there's something in my throat that makes it weird to swallow and I have an ongoing not-great taste in my mouth.

So I feel like a bit of a train wreck the last day or 2, esp I think there's a mental component when I'm pulling out gobs of hair. Well, maybe not "gobs", and train wreck sounds extra-dramatic, but you get the gist. At least I still feel like I have my moments of clear thought and even some okay ideas at work. And Olive seems pretty happy--she was sooo chatty on the way home from day care today. It's great!

Thanks to Julie for coming over last night so Ben could feel good about going out to a show...

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