September 1, 2010

Keepin' on

Good day/bad day?: It came around

Made it through another full day at work, but it was a little touch & go in the AM--not nauseous, but I've had a headache for days and I had a severe low back and hip ache. It worked its way out for the most part, and I was able to handle another class this afternoon. Even could pull out some answers to tough questions!

I'm not feeling too pensive tonight, so I'll keep it short. If I feel like I need a cry soon, I'll put on some Johnny Cash. When Ben was driving me to the first chemo treatment, Johnny was playing and made me ugly cry. Something about that voice, esp the later Unearthed albums when his voice is more stark, that just puts everything out there and lets you do the same--it keeps me honest. (It's the same with his happier songs, but in a better way--see our Jerkin' Tears blog entry.) I think I freaked Ben out a little, but it was a good chance for me to let out all my fear about what I was about to undertake. I'm guessing this Friday will be a little less emotional for me, since the unknown is gone. Except for all the other unknown. But that's a given.

Oh yeah, Happy September. Yikes! (I've had the Neil Diamond song "September Morn" drifting in and out of my head maybe you do, too!)

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