September 24, 2010

Round #5

Good day/Bad day?: Yesterday was good but busy, today...chemo #5

I had acupuncture yesterday, really liked the practitioner, but she won't be around for a couple of weeks so I'll have to find a backup. She really recommends weekly treatments all through my chemo regimen, so we'll see if I'm able to swing that. She did say, "You don't have to feel as bad as you are now" as I go through treatment--those are reassuring words to hear. It's not like I'm stuck in bed for the week, but I certainly have symptoms every day and lose a few days of the week that are worse. We'll see how I feel after a few sessions.

Today was an early treatment, so took a nap after that, woke up green, and now I'll be taking it easy for the rest of the day. Not much else new!

It's the time when eveybody has their pink ribbon fundraising campaigns... Can I tell you that the strangest one for me is Activia yogurt--shouldn't they maybe focus on colon cancer or something?! That, and the campaign is called "cups of hope"--ew, and a little too punny when talking about breast cancer in my mind.


Kathy said...

AND...these yogurt cap saving things for breast cancer research (Yoplait is another) require us to take a piece of foiled paper with dairy product on it--I don't believe that you can get it completely clean--send it through the mail, presumably have someone handling it to count it so they can contribute their share to breast cancer research. Why don't they just contribute w/o asking people to spend on postage and extra handling and spread all that bacteria around???? Think how much more they could contribute if they cut out the extra work and requirements!

Elevation said...

ha! so true, kathy! and most people probably just lick them clean.. ew..

Elevation said...

jenny.. hope that the acupuncture will help in your healing.. even if it just mentally relaxes you and takes you away for an hour a week.. hope to see you next week.. xoxo holli

Jim said...

Right on sista! And yeah Jenny, ew!!