September 30, 2010

Date Night

Good day/Bad day?: Good

Yep, that's right, Ben & I had a grown up dinner! (Thanks, Dianna, for the sitting!) Then came back home to shave my head. You know, the usual...

(For those that want the restaurant review, we went to Cilantro, the new Mexican place. I thought everything was very well done, delicious, service great, dessert options wonderful! But I do see Ben's point that it's a little more expensive than most Mexican restaurants... But there's a lot on the menu I'd like to try. Still, it is on the West Side...ugh.)

So yeah, I won't say the shaved head looks great. It's stubble--I'm not going through the effort of shaving with a razor--so it's dark and patchy over pale skin. I feel very much like some dispassionate alien race encountered on a Star Trek episode, esp taking into account my other mods (you know, flat chest, port in the arm...) I keep getting pared down, thinking maybe I should just get rid of my other spare parts (maybe appendix, tonsils...)

Ben will be posting pics of the head very soon. In the meantime, here's a new Olive pic that's the bee's knees. Every time I look at it, I can hear her giggle!

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ee said...

Thanks for the critique of Cilantro! I knew you wouldn't let me down!!!