September 13, 2010

Cancer is Boring

Good day/Bad day?: Boo

See here's the thing. Cancer IS boring. (You're so right, Mia!) It gets really old to feel like crap over the weekends, and I'm just 3 weeks into the long haul. It's boring to just want to nap or rest and to not know how much you'll feel like engaging in home life or activities. It's boring for everyone else, too! How boring to expect that I won't feel up for much and that I'll need help for a long time.

So do you think I can make that into a new slogan, like "Cancer sucks" or "Fight like a girl"? Probably not the right sentiment to capture on a t-shirt, eh?

I'm having a sad night because I can't be with family who maybe doesn't need me, but needs someone. It's a priority, so maybe I can make it happen...

Otherwise, started work later today but got some good things going while I was there, thanks to Sonja (who really doesn't need me b/c she's great at it all)!

1 comment:

Sonja said...

Thank you Jenny! But you underestimate your impact! You are more than carrying your weight at work - despite all your other priorities. So slack more, girl.