September 22, 2010

Regular is okay

Good day/bad day?: Okay

Regular ol' work-a-day kind of day. Just lots of busyness and rigamarole going on right now, including at home. We're looking to get new windows, so many, many appts for quotes...yawn! But it'll be nice. Right now our windows are kind of archaic, and the screens are weird and don't fit well, so we hardly ever wind up opening the windows. Not ideal. Oh yeah, as I'm typing this I'm just thinking ahead of when they'll actually do the work, etc. I may be looking for another place to crash...

Pleasant surprise--there was a cancellation for the acupunctuist for the cancer clinic, so I get to see her tomorrow! Otherwise my first appt wasn't until the end of Oct, but now she works in return appts for people she needs to keep seeing. It should help with the nausea and fatigue ongoing, and during the second treatment phase it should help prevent nerve pain/damage. But it won't reattach my hair. Still not noticeable from what I can tell, but it's a little gross as it keeps falling out!

FYI, Olive seems to be well through the last round of teething, and now the kid can grind! I know it's not a very exciting first word, but she has been saying "hi" very clearly for a while, and is getting better at mimicking other words. She's also an expert at finding the little mouse in Goodnight Moon.

Ben is developing a calendar to track when he'd like some days free, so we're going to try planning them out with a little more warning. Stay tuned, you may be asked soon!


ee said...

It's ok to be excited by the small stuff. In fact, I had a patient yesterday who was ecstatic because he finally mastered his urinal and was no longer dumping pee all over himself and the bed!!! I think it's great that Olive can find the mouse in Goodnight Moon...I'm not sure I'd fair as well!!!

merry said...

I can just picture Olive's little finger pointing to the mouse!!It's amazing how sharp those little eyes are.Treasure these moments!

viktorcello said...

Awwww...that creepy book! We have THREE copies. Ethan doesn't point out anything yet.

And...wanted you to know. I watched In the Family today and can't imagine how you could get through that movie. I was crying and I don't cry very often at movies. Oy oy oy oy. Such impossible decisions. Thank you for sharing here. You are my hero for doing it.

Jim said...

I'd forgotten all about that little mouse. And now they are all in college!