March 28, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: Good

Hair's on its way back--with a vengeance. I've never been shy about growing hair, anyway. Can I say that I have slightly mixed feelings about it? Basically, it's been kind of my "badge" while I'm going through this. People tend to be a little kinder to me bald, and it's my public reminder of what I'm going through. Sometimes I need to use that extra level of understanding. Don't get me wrong, I'm getting kind of sick of looking at myself like this--I especially miss the eyebrows.

Survived Zumba tonight! It was pretty fun, even if I felt way less coordinated than I hoped I'd be. I'll try to keep at it, though, unless radiation takes a lot out of me. It feels good to sweat out some of the crap--a lot like having a good cry, for which I'm overdue and was on the brink of tonight. I'm in a little weird mood--not bad, just weird.

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