March 19, 2011

Back home

Good day/Bad day?: Good

And now I'm pooped! Had a lovely rest-of-my-time at Sundara, might try to move in there...

Then went on a whirlwind trip to Minneapolis and back to see the lovely Davis family, to be expanding in a week or so! I was very glad to sneak it in before I start radiation and they are getting to know their newborn, but we'll have to bring our families together soon.

Made me think a lot about having another kid. It would be nice if it wasn't so complicated.

Then back home to see Ben & Olive. She was very happy to see me and show me things for a while, and the she majorly cranked out. Ben tells me it's 'cause she loves me most of all, but I have a hard time being flattered by a major meltdown.

I think I may start a new blog feature: my favorite Olive word. Right now, it's "applesauce".

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