March 14, 2011

Brain power

Good day/Bad day?: Good

Today went well--a little bit of work, then acupuncture, then more work, then home. I've actually been productive at work for a couple of days and I got to prove to myself that I can still churn something out when I need to. My thought process certainly isn't consistent, but give me something specific to focus on and I'm okay.

I made an appt for next Tuesday for the initial radiation set-up. Consult followed by CT scans to map me out and come up with their game plan. I told them I'd be looking to start during the first full week of April. I'll wait to confirm that at my appt, but then we'll be putting out the call for help again. Definitely weekend help, maybe meals...I don't think I told y'all yet, but Ben's going out of town for a week April 16th for a motorcycle trip, so that week especially I'll take assistance. We'll work it out.

In the meantime, spa getaway is only a day & a half away!!! Thank you in advance to Kathy for coming to help with Olive while I'm away. She's a busy little bee these days...

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