March 22, 2011

Game Plan

Good day/bad day?: eh

Just wanted to update you after the radiation oncology visit. Today was another visit with the radiation onc MD, a CT scan to map out my chest, also got my tattoo markers. Dang, tattoos hurt on your sternum! They're extremely tiny, and there's 4 of them.

It will take about a week and a half to get the plan done for my treatments--they take time looking at my anatomy from the CT, figure out the best angle to aim the beams, determine dosing, etc. The MD said they'd "obsess" about my plan because I'm young and they want to minimize the extra tissue exposed to minimize the long-term effects. I'm fine with that kind of obsession!

Tuesday, April 5th will be the first day of treatment. That appt will be longer, about 1.5 hrs, and then the rest will be about 30 min. I'll see the MD every Wednesday. 6 1/2 weeks. Today's appt hurt a lot having my arm above my head, and that next appt will be worse, but I'll also be getting PT & OT referrals and will hope to start that around the same time.

I know it shouldn't be a big deal after all that's happened so far, but it just felt more dehumanizing today to be marked permanently, positioned strangely on the table and run in & out of the machine. I am just not feeling strong and am in a bit of a funk. I'll get over it.

Olive's word? She kept saying "dote" and pointing at the fridge at dinner and I had no clue, until she said it and the "pop" she makes for the toaster. That would be "toast", Mom!

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Kathy said...

Such a human as YOU can't be dehumanized. You're doing a good thing Jenny, staying as safe as possible. I appreciate the extra precautions to minimize your exposure and am really glad to hear about the PT and OT. Keep going back to the happy places...there have been some good ones lately...when times are hard. And keep hearing all those beautiful first words from the incredible Olive.