January 2, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: Good

I know a football game shouldn't determine my mood, but...awesome! Love me some Packers. The rest of the day was good to boot. Coffee and pecan kringle for breakfast (thanks Judy & Gary!), productive but relaxed day, and Jeff, Andrea & Julie came over to watch the game and have pizza as they came through town. Olive had a happy bath, Ben got to see an old friend of ours...all's well. Only downside was I was supposed to see a good friend, but that fell through.

Still coughing, and I swear I have a hernia now from it! For those of you on my case about it, I did call the MD on Thurs and they're not worried if I don't have a fever. The only current danger is annoyance.

I think I need another day off. I'm feeling pretty mellow and don't want to interrupt it. Looking forward to a fun day on Thurs this week--I have 2 great friends coming from out of town, first time we'll have all our kids together.

Since I'm not still calling anyone tonight, thanks Dad & Carol for the Christmas gifts! Wish I could have been there, talk to you soon...

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