January 19, 2011

Finding balance

Good day/Bad day?: pretty good

Pretty ordinary day. That's not bad.

I'm coming to realize that I've turned a corner at some point. Each day is not dominated by cancer talk and dealing with the details of it. Yay! Most of my days recently have been more focused on the day-to-day--Olive, Ben, Punkin', work, friends. That's plenty, but good. But not so good is that I'm not super-confident in my thought process right now. I'm pretty aware that I'm not as sharp as (I like to think) I usually am. It's making me a little hesitant to jump into things and make decisions. We'll see how that all pans out.

Speaking of decisions...spa time at Kohler or long weekend in NM? Help!


Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

Long weekend in NM. Need a NM buddy?

Elevation said...

so great to know you're on the upswing! almost there.. thanks for hosting us to witness the packer beatdown.. and olive's mobility is most impressive! both kohler or NM would be great (warmer weather might win?).. will this be after you're finished or on one of your off weeks? either way, good to get away and take time to reflect.. xoxo

Jen said...

It would be a post-chemo treat.

Want to join us again this Sunday for the game? (If Ben hasn't already asked...) Ought to be good!

Joiner of Fine Furniture said...

All of us..??