January 29, 2011

The kindness of strangers

Good day/Bad day?: Good+ good

So my Saturday was breakfast, walk to the art museum and some quality time and lunch there, back to the inn for whirlpool bath and a nap (I underestimated how tired I get these days and how sore my feet get), then a movie (Black Swan--remind me not to let anyone film my descent into madness...), then to the pub. It was an interesting day.

It was also a little melancholy. Having lunch at the museum cafe, it was a place where mom and I had sat once, and I wound up walking through some what ifs (if she were still around...). Then as I was in the bathroom there, and I had a woman walk up to me and put her arm around me and tell me "I was there before, and I'm not scared for you. You'll be fine." Then a young woman on the elevator told me to have a good day as she got off. When I went to the pub, the hotel desk clerk brought me over to the group of regulars (older WI and Irish gentlemen) and introduced me around--she thought is was great that I was out and about on my own while I was still getting treatment, was very kind. People were being so nice and going out of their way to do it. Thanks, world!

Sunday was breakfast and whirlpool bath, then indoor market, then exploring, then brief shopping before picking up Olive. She got bigger and smarter in 2 days, I swear. Then home to see Ben, who's "relaxing" weekend was not as it was supposed to be!

I wound up making this trip kind of a memory lane on purpose. I just needed it. Went by some old places with special meanings. Even drove around in the neighborhood where I grew up (it had been forever)--it's funny to recognize houses but forget who used to live there. Maybe it all helped to center me a little. Maybe it will all be undone in a day or 2! Oh, and I think I'm getting a cold. But hopefully no stomach flu. Back to the grind tomorrow...

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Sue said...

what a nice weekend - you are not asking for questions now, but if you are feeling it, I could stand to know a bit more about how exactly clinical trials work