January 6, 2011

Old Times

Good day/Bad day?: Good

Yep, just like old times with Sarah & Amanda here...except for the kiddie chaos! It was fun to have them here with Olive having 3 other playmates, but it does remind me that I'm getting older. Just yesterday we were buddies in college (the first time around), thinking it might be interesting to go into anthropology, and now we're all old, practical moms.

Tomorrow I get one treatment closer to the end! Here's hoping there's nothing that will get much worse before it's over. My old port site is healing really, really poorly, so I have to get that checked tomorrow, too.

There will only be 3 more treatments after that--anyone want to claim their opportunity to be a chemo buddy while you still have a chance? (Don't worry, I don't expect anyone to sign up for hours of sitting and waiting, and I'm well-covered.)

Exhausted now, with another 7am at the hospital morning. Goodnight!

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