January 17, 2011


Good day/Bad day?: Good but tiring

The weekend was good--nothing too exciting, but just some good family time and 2 breakfasts out! (One of my favorite things is breakfast, and another is having someone else cook...) And the glorious Packers! We had a good time watching the game with Joel & Holli. Oh yeah, Friday in Kenosha was nice. Took a few special little things to remind me of Gram and the family.

Today half my work day was spent talking about personality types. The management at work was asked to take the Myers-Briggs test to see how the mix affects the organization, etc., etc. For those who are curious, I'm an INFJ. (Google it if you're really truly curious!) It's one of the most rare types (I'm a real priceless gem), motivated by strong values, with an unusually rich inner life but hard to get to know, private/reserved. Blah, blah, blah. One interesting tidbit I saw was that when under stress, an INFJ might tend to tell others how well they're coping--some days I feel like I do that a lot. I actually find the whole thing very interesting, esp how the different personalities interact and balance out, what drives us nuts about other people, etc.

Anywho. I've gotten lots of enthusiastic feedback on Olive's video! She's getting much better, but walking's still not her favorite thing, esp when she's tired or cranky. Her vocab/communication is just charming and consistently surprises me. Good stuff, this parenting!

Thanks to Mia for a giant pan of spinach noodle goodness...

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