January 12, 2011

Coming around

Good day/Bad day?: Better

First, thanks to you all who supported me in my funk but didn't try to pep-talk me out of it. That would be annoying.

I was lucky enough to have some coworkers who were feeling as absurd as I was this AM (thank you, too, to all who humored me as I made them watch the SNL Bjork & Charles Barkley skit--it's what I need sometimes!). Then we had an employee appreciation night, too.

If I don't always say much about work, it's really a good thing. It's because I'm lucky enough to be able to take it for granted. HospiceCare really is a special place to work, full of people who are there because they believe strongly in it. In my few years with them, they have been there through many major life events (deaths, childbirths, now this) and have become a great support system. I'm so glad we had hospice support (in Madison and Kenosha) for our family with my mom, uncle, and grandma. I sound a little Polyanna-ish about it all, but I love my work!

Then I came home and put Olive to bed. Poor kid's got a fever again...

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