June 6, 2011


Good day/Bad day(s)?: pretty good

Took a little break there. Thanks for checking back. It feels weird to write about my days now, because all in all they're not so out-of-the-ordinary. Which is fine, isn't it? You don't need to hear about my day at work or grocery shopping, etc... It's more about where I'm at overall.

Not bad. What's still lingering? Here's the updated laundry list. My R arm still is having swelling, especially after another day popping out weeds yesterday--very noticeable puffing! My chest is still tight, makes me want to hunch and curl forward automatically. Then my R shoulder pulls forward and the shoulder blade doesn't move right, so I have to keep mindful of that. If I have a day of more Olive holding, it's much worse.

Fatigue? Yep. I don't hit the wall suddenly and irreversibly like I did during chemo & radiation, but it creeps up on me. Ben & I went to a wedding outside on the beastly humid 90s day here last week, were out in it for 5-6 hours, and the next day I was totally spent. Felt like I sweated out everything I had (though it was a fun night!), had to take a couple of naps. It might be a rough summer. But I guess Olive won't be able to be out long with the cast, so we can hang out in the a/c together.

Brain? Ugh. No initiative, no ability to follow through. I can have moments of clear, useful thoughts and clarity, but then I just get distracted for quite a while. (Squirrel!) I've got a lot of stuff half-completed at home and don't know when I'll get to the other half.

Enough about me. For the more fascinating stuff, Olive's had a language explosion! She wants to repeat everything, is putting together phrases on her own, super observant (picking out little details in books, hearing every airplane that flies overhead...). She's been a lot of fun lately, if not also testing out her sass limits a little. Favorite words these days? Well, the "thank you, mama" gets me every time. Also " I see you", had her saying "cool rock" ("coo gock"). Plenty more where that came from. It just keeps getting more interesting!

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