June 13, 2011

Back to business

Good week/Bad week?: pretty good

We're in kind of busy-mode until Olive has her surgery, so I'll be a little more sporadic these days. What to catch up on? Pretty ordinary week, and then we had a nice, but too short, weekend up in Mpls visiting Monikandyland (with a new, adorable attraction!). Always nice to spend time together, even if our attention is severely divided these days by a toddler and an infant... It's amazing how quickly you forget the not-sleeping days, but I guess the lack of sleep is exactly why it's a blur. I was fully prepared to be struck by baby-fever, but while I really liked spending time with her, it didn't make me feel like I need to have one NOW. I guess my body's trying to be reasonable with me and cut me some slack so I can recover for a while--then we'll see how hard that ongoing decision becomes.

In the meantime, we prepare for Miss Olive's Special Summer. She had her pre-op appt with a nurse practitioner on Thurs and it's all-system's go. She'll likely be out-of-sorts for a week to 10 days and then could go back to day care. I'll plan to stay home with her for 2 weeks and hope we've got a new routine down by then. In the next weeks we need to transition her to a big-girl bed, too, so we don't spring that on her at the same time as the cast. It's going to be impossible to lift her in and out of the crib with all that weight, and the bed will give us a surface to change diapers on, too. One of us will probably sleep with her to get her okay with it, so it may be a long few weeks here.

I'm trying to look on the bright side of the whole ordeal, too. As I watch her play and know about it now, I can see that compensating for that hip really tires her out some days, and she definitely gets more clumsy. She really wants to jump, too, and can't quite get that to work. It'll be good for her to get back on track as soon as possible. AND, she'll be a captive audience all summer. It's not like she isn't constantly on the go right now, so once we figure it out we'll have a lot less chasing and herding to do. Got some shopping to do--twin mattress, bedding, bean bag chair (for propping her up), maybe a wagon, stationary activities...

I'm still feeling old, sore, worn out. But okay, too. My new gauge of time elapsed is my toenails. ? Well, since the chemo messed them up royally, there's this definitely line about midway where the sickly nail ends and the healthy pink nail begins. Don't judge--I notice quite a few details about myself these days.

Strawberries ripening, baby robins in our front yard...

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